Hello everyone. My name is Brooke
Me Cracy
Hey look it’s me!

me normal
This is what I look like when I’m not being weird or crazy. heheh. (I’m the one of the far left)

As a recent college grad, I’ve decided that one of my many new post-grad projects is going to be to develop myself a blogger. I’ve always loved to write. Writing allows me to solidify memories, work out my thoughts, express my creativity… you get the gist. The short and sweet explanation of you I am is ” an SF girl exploring the world. Lover of food, culture, fashion, adventure and everything fun, different or exciting.” I came up with that cute little phrase a while ago when I created my Twitter page and only had so many words I could use to describe myself, but I’d say it’s a fairly accurate description. At least, that’s generally the things I like to write about. So here it goes. My first official blog. This will be a space for me to share my thoughts and experiences and comment on the latest news, movies, books, fashion and cultural trends. I may even do a bit of food blogging since I’m sure I won’t be able to contain my excitement about the fact that, having moved out of a college dorm, I now have the freedom to cook EVERYDAY!!!!

Oh and please check out my other social media sights if you’re interested.


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