San Francisco Adventure #2: Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Today I went on my second San Francisco adventure of the summer. A week or so ago I read about the Chipotle Cultivate Festival, a celebration of local farmers that featured cooking demonstration, free tastings, artisan tents, and of course, my favorite, music!! Since I’m very openly a music and food fanatic, especially when the food is organic and fresh from a LOCAL farm (I think it’s really important to support smaller local companies, organization, and community efforts), this was obviously an event I was going to be attending. It was a really cool festival! I tasted some amazing guacamole (I literally could have eaten it by the spoonful), mildly spicy and extremely flavor-filled arugula salsa, satisfyingly textured buckwheat chocolate chip and pomegranate cookies, light and crispy tortilla chips, cranberry coconut granola, and pistachio caramel corn. There was also a huge selection of artisan wine and beers available for sampling. I only tried two, Speakeasy’s Big Daddy IPA and Social Kitchen and Brewery’s Red Ale. Both were rich, flavor filled, and wonderfully hoppy, just the way I like them. The music highlights of the day were Matt Costa and LP. I’ve been a Matt Costa fan FOREVER, so I was pumped to finally here him live. LP is a new artist who I heard for the first time last night when looking up the people who were going to be performing at the event. Her music has a fun indie feel to it. To top off the day, I was able to snag a few seeds to take away with me and plant at home. I now have a lovely collection of heirloom lettuce, tomato, and radish seeds that are ready and waiting to be planted in my garden. 

Overall I give the event a two thumbs up. There was a lot of community support for the local farmers represented and everyone seemed to be enjoying the fresh food and music. I was also really happy to see that there were tons of people in the educational tents where information was provided about organic sustainable farming and the importance of working towards the cultivation of healthier foods and the creation of a better environment. It was a little chillier than I would have liked, but that’s just San Francisco for you. You always have to be prepared with a jacket when going to the city that’s famous for its fog.

Chipotle Cultivate Festival